$1.8 million Attunity deal will integrate SAP data into Hadoop data lake


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Big data management software solution provider Attunity has inked a $1.8 million deal with an unnamed global food processing enterprise to use its Attunity Replicate for SAP solution to integrate SAP data in real time for big data analysis within the customer’s Hadoop data lake.

The high-performance data replication solution released in September by Boston-based Attunity is expected to result in significant operational efficiencies across many business units in the food processing organisation.
Attunity Replicate for SAP is designed to make SAP data available for analytics in various platforms such as databases, data warehouses, Hadoop and the cloud, by transforming complex data structures into easily accessible data models.

To improve operational efficiency across their many sales and production units, the food processing company decided to implement a corporate strategy to merge data from all data sources, including that originating from hundreds of SAP tables across multiple SAP systems, into a centralised data lake. By automatically mapping data to the thousands of associated tables within the SAP application, Attunity Replicate for SAP provides a unified method to replicate SAP documents, transactions and business data in an ecosystem of analytic environments.

A critical factor in vendor selection was the vendor’s ability to support SAP’s unique data model and its use of pooled and clustered tables. Additional critical requirements included real-time data delivery and support for large volumes of data. In addition to its deep application level integration with SAP, Attunity Replicate for SAP is also capable of scaling up to move billions of records and to deliver data changes in less than five seconds.

“Corporations including the largest companies in the world are bringing their business to Attunity for our proven technology and expertise in moving heterogeneous data, including SAP data, and making it universally available for analytics,” said Shimon Alon, chairman and CEO, Attunity.

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