10 tips to conquer organisational change hurdles

The technical implementation of SAP may not always be perfect, but it
is now very well practiced and often seamless. So why wouldn’t your SAP
implementation be a resounding success? To thrive with SAP, a business
must make the implementation about their people, not just the
technology, as Sarah Arnold explains. 

System implementations gain strong support for the technical preparation
of a business, with professional services such as analysis,
configuration, architecture, integration, data migration and testing
seen as a prerequisite. The preparation of personnel often lacks an
equivalent level of support and investment.
For successful adoption of SAP, the business should:

•   Have ‘change leaders’ (both formal and informal) who support SAP and actively promote it amongst their personnel;
•   Ensure all people in the organisation understand the value SAP will
add to their organisation and are excited about being made more
productive by SAP;
•   Make highly relevant and sustainable learning products accessible with practical business process and scenario context;
•   Enable users to competently and confidently use the system to perform their daily duties;
•   Encourage personnel to actively find ways to improve the way their organisation works with SAP; and
•   Have local champions or super users in place to provide peer support and answer difficult ‘how to’ questions.

Click here to read the full article in the December 2010 edition of Inside SAP.

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