20 years of the SAUG

This year, the SAP Australian User Group is celebrating two decades of connecting and representing SAP customers.

Twenty years ago, there was a lot going on …The last episode of Seinfeld went to air on NBC; google.com was registered as a domain name; Frank Sinatra passed away; the financial crisis hit much of South East Asia; the first iMac was introduced; Saving Private Ryan was a hit at the box office; ‘Iris’ by the Goo Goo Dolls was top of the charts and Bill Clinton was in strife over a little blue dress. The year was 1998.

And it was in this year that the SAP Australian User Group was established. An active and dedicated group of SAP customers banded together to form this group to represent all Australian SAP customers. The SAP Australian User Group was established to provide an independent resource to SAP users. It had been recognised at the time, that there was a gap in the market for a support service that could provide SAP users and more recently Ariba and SuccessFactors users, with independent advice and support about solutions to help them make the most of their significant IT investment.

It is amazing to think that from such humble beginnings, SAUG is now a substantial presence in the SAP ecosystem, boasting over 4500 members and wielding significant influence in the development of product pathways, the resolution of customer issues and providing such a vital opportunity for SAP users to network with peers and recognised experts. Over the past two decades, SAUG has held over 80 major face to face events in the form of Plenaries, conferences or Summits, and hundreds of Special Interest Group Meetings, webinars and workshops.

Today though, we are thinking more about the future than the past. The environment in which we find ourselves, both at work and in our home lives, continues to change at a phenomenal pace.  Technology is very much a driving force; with the hot topics; digital transformation, artificial intelligence and machine learning; sounding more like the plot of a science fiction movie than the agenda of a business conference. And it is through this landscape that the SAP Australian User Group has and will continue to provide a unified voice of SAP Customers to influence SAP and enable the community to leverage SAP for Success.

The success of SAUG, as a not-for-profit association, has been the result of the dedication of untiring volunteers, the commitment of a loyal member base, the content of our knowledgeable speakers and the support of SAP … and to these groups a big thank you. Without them SAUG would not exist today; and it is with their help that we will continue to provide the services and activities to support the SAP customer base as they chart the course of their organisations through an increasingly sophisticated marketplace.

So to all of our members, contributors and volunteers … congratulations and thank you. We are thrilled to have achieved this fantastic milestone of 20 years; and we look forward to continuing to work with all of you to support the SAP ecosystem into the future. Throughout the year, we’ll be celebrating this milestone at each of our events; so please make sure you come along to join in the festivities.

If you’re not yet a member of SAUG, then speak to our Membership Manager Katrina Sangha on katrina.sangha@saug.com.au.

We look forward to seeing you at our 2018 events.

Mark Baker
Chief Executive Officer
SAP Australian User Group

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