ABB Mexico improves SAP user experience

SAP User Experience Management

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Power and automation technology leader ABB Mexico has reduced its support tickets by 35 per cent, by deploying the SAP User Experience Management (SAP UEM) by Knoa.

ABB Mexico began using the solution across 100 components of the SAP ERP applications, to assist its 850 employees and six location offices, including its manufacturing plant. The company used SAP UEM to manage SAP software implementation projects in a test environment, to rapidly trace the cause of errors, identify strategic training areas for employees, and reveal the most- and least-used transactions.

“SAP UEM is helping us address not only typical software errors, but also issues related to cultural differences,” said Carmen Segoviano, SAP manager at ABB Mexico. “For example, Latin Americans tend not to read pop-up alerts; in our culture, people tend to just to hit ‘enter,’ ‘enter,’ ‘enter,’ which can lead to extremely costly errors.

“One of the best functions of SAP UEM is its ability to implement alerts that let us know when a user is doing something like this, so that we can solve the issue before it leads to a business operations problem or, even worse, has a massive impact on the business. SAP UEM provides benefits for every single area of our operation, ultimately freeing us to spend less time training and problem solving, and more time creating within a controlled environment of using SAP software.”

ABB Mexico has used SAP UEM in conjunction with SAP Learning Hub and the SAP Enable Now solution to reduce its user support needs.

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