There’s a big shift at play in the world of media, advertising and marketing. Consumers – and this includes business buyers – are no longer so willing to go looking for content, they expect it to find them – via their social media feeds or direct marketing such as email newsletters.

At Inside SAP, we are committed to helping you deliver your marketing messages via these channels, so your business is top of mind when it comes to purchasing decisions. So we have re-designed our 12-month subscription marketing model to help you maintain visibility through the variety of InsideSAP channels, while getting the most out of your budget.

We will work with you as a partner over the 12-month period to review the results of your activity and refine campaigns to create the biggest impact for your business.

You can find more details of how you can reach our audiences via our media kit:

InsideSAP Media Kit 2019

If you have business in the APAC region, or you are planning an expansion into the Asian SAP market, you may also want to consider our APAC-specific site:

InsideSAP Asia

For more information about how we can boost your business, contact Jesse Hopwood at or on 02 8007 3113.

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