Anise Asia launches SAP B1 Cloud offering in Malaysia, partners with Virtustream

Public and private cloud service provider Anise Asia will partner with Virtustream to launch its SAP Business One Cloud offering to Malaysian SMEs.

The partnership will help Malaysian SMEs adopt best-in-class business applications without the complexity and cost of on-premise infrastructure with the assurance of security, compliance, performance and efficiency.

“With SAP Business One Cloud, we answered our clients’ call for an ERP solution that was quick to deploy and easy to run and maintain. By moving those solutions into the cloud, we are addressing their demand for more flexibility, security and cost savings,” said Suhaimee Abu Hassan, founder and CEO of Anise Asia.

For Virtustream, the alliance extends the reach of its cloud IaaS, software and cloud professional services into the high-growth ASEAN market through a Master Distribution Agreement, which will allow Anise Asia to sell Virtustream’s software portfolio through the region.

Virtustream’s SAP certification is another advantage of the partnership, and it cites early results showing that SAP’s response time can improve by over 30 per cent when running on Virtustream’s cloud.

SAP Malaysia managing director Bernard Chiang said Malaysian SMEs will be empowered by the service offering from Anise Asia and Virtustream.

“Our partners are an extension of the SAP network and, quite often with their local knowledge and expertise, play the critical role of fulfilling the ‘last mile’ of implementation; hence, laying the path for local SMEs to be empowered with innovative ways to reach new customers, maximise efficiency, and drive profitable growth. With SAP Business One Cloud, SMEs can then look forward to better management in every aspect of their operations – from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations,” said Chiang.

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