APIs top of mind for ANZ businesses: survey


Australia and New Zealand organisations understand the value of having a defined API strategy, according to Mulesoft’s 2015 API survey.

Most respondents (87 per cent) already have an API strategy in place, with 64 per cent identifying it as a way to accelerate growth through internal data sharing, while 51 per cent see it as a way to drive customer satisfaction through shared services. Seventy-three per cent said their investment in APIs in the next six months is motivated by the need to integrate new software with existing infrastructure, while 50 per cent said enabling mobile applications was a key driver.

Interestingly, 44 per cent of respondents said their API strategy is helping them to grow their business by creating new revenue streams, with 45 per cent saying they are already generating revenue or expect to do so within the next 12 months.

“The survey indicates Australian and New Zealand organisations have identified the business potential offered by APIs and are putting them to work. They spot clear benefits when it comes to improving customer satisfaction and boosting revenues,” said Jonathan Stern, regional vice president of Australia and New Zealand, MuleSoft.

“We’re seeing these trends among our customers who frequently tell us about their desire to extend to applications outside their walls and leverage new technologies, such as the Internet of Things. The real business value comes from connecting these apps, data and devices together with existing assets. APIs playing a significant role in making this connectivity easier, enabling business agility.”

The survey found that security was the most critical factor for successful APIs (cited by 85 per cent), followed by usability and simplicity (both 60 per cent), and management (54 per cent).

In terms of the biggest issues when deploying APIs, 33 per cent identified design, while other issues included visibility into API usage (18 per cent), authentication and authorisation (16 per cent), and threat protection (13 per cent).

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