Approyo signs VAR agreement with SAP for HANA in the cloud

Global SAP HANA start-up focus partner, Approyo, has signed a value-added reseller deal with SAP, allowing participating member firms to resell SAP products under a single framework.

The agreement will allow Approyo to license SAP software directly to its clients, and provide better solutions for SAP software and maintenance.

“Becoming a VAR allows Approyo to extend its long-standing strategic partnership with SAP,” said Marcus Retrac, president of Approyo. “This will strengthen our relationship with our customers and partners allowing us to act as a single point of contact for SAP and continue to deliver SAP HANA products and support services.”

Approyo has been providing SAP HANA in the cloud for the last three years, and in April, launched the first SAP S/4HANA solution in the cloud.

“We built our cloud platform from the ground up specifically for SAP HANA environments. Our platform, along with our great partnership with SAP, allowed us to bring S/4HANA in the cloud quickly for our customers to start using right away,” Retrac said.

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