Utility Asset Management with SAP Leonardo

Asset Management

Asset management is a huge challenge in the utilities industry. All utility companies own large, complex machines that are at different stages of their life cycle and need routine maintenance and management. Utility companies keep these assets fully operational every day, all year long. Managers must learn how to minimize downtime and maximize uptime.

Improved Asset Management

SAP Leonardo makes the maintenance processes easier, faster, and safer. SAP Leonardo for Utilities uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology to collect information from utilities’ assets and then analyses the information in SAP Cloud Platform. Sensors gather information specific to each asset and send it to the cloud, allowing everyone in the company to access the information. This versatile kit can manage water, gas, electricity, and wind assets of big power plants, distribution grids, individual homes (solar panels), and even wind farms.

Benefits of SAP Leonardo for Utilities include:

  • Reduced power outages
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved overall equipment effectiveness
  • Reduced maintenance effort and cost
  • Improved replacement and investment strategy

Advantages of Automation

In the past, maintenance was conducted on a set time interval, such as monthly or quarterly. This was costly and inefficient. With the service and assets option, managers no longer assume when their assets need to be fixed; they can schedule maintenance appointments when they are needed. This will help decrease maintenance costs and improve asset uptime, to ultimately aid in reducing the amount of power outages and increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.

By automating the collection and analysis of asset information, utility companies can track each asset’s activity, better predict when service is needed, and prevent downtime. Connecting the assets to the cloud improves ease of accessibility.

Health Indicating Sensors

SAP Leonardo for Utilities utilizes new sensors that provide health indicators—like current electricity output or temperature of the asset—in real time. This is useful in the case of underground assets, often buried under concrete or structures. Rather than tearing up an entire road to service a gas leak, it is safer and less expensive to have sensors identify which part of the line has been compromised.

SAP Leonardo for Utilities, service and assets option, can help with asset management for utility companies by monitoring the health of transformers, gas lines, wind mills, and water dams. It uses SAP Cloud Platform to keep all involved parties informed. And, by lowering maintenance costs and reducing the chances of power outages, it can improve customer satisfaction.

With Siemens, SAP Leonardo for Utilities, service and assets option, aids wind power technicians by making the repair process easier. Knowing which turbine to repair and what the problem is, Siemens technicians can spend less time in dangerous areas.

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