Automated SAP Carve-Outs with SNP’s Data Transformation Platform CrystalBridge


There is a lot of change happening right now. But change is not necessarily a bad thing, it also means there are new opportunities. Change and transformation cannot happen without each other. Especially now, as the current climate has forced companies to consider organisational restructuring, transformation is in higher demand than ever.

Organisations decide to outsource, spin-off or sell individual business units. Some part with certain divisions in order to focus more strongly on their core business – others want to raise capital for investments in further growth.

Regardless of the motives, a carve-out is one of the most complex tasks for a business. Not only organisational and procedural changes have to be managed. Removing a part from an existing organisation is also challenging from a technological point of view. The key question is how existing IT structures should be transferred. Data, systems and processes must be adaptedwhile legal reasons may prohibit the passing on of certain data at the same time.

When parts of a company are divested and sold, business data from different systems must be consistently separated and transferred to a new system. Only data from the divested organisational unit may be transferred to the new target system. Here, it is important to remember that existing structures relating to finance, controlling, materials management, sales and production will be different in the source and target systems.

SNP paves the path for carve-out projects and offers innovative modules and processes with the SNP data transformation platform CrystalBridge, which combines transformation knowledge, experience and technology built up over 25 years and helps to overcome even the greatest challenges at top speed. With CrystalBridge, you can visualise your SAP landscapes, plan the entire migration journey and simulate effects – even prior to the actual transformation. This ensures that your business strategy and the necessary IT implementation go hand in hand.

With SNP’s help, you can perform your carve-out project quickly, precisely and on the day of your choice.

For more information download the Carve-Out Strategy Paper here or register for the upcoming webinar “SAP Data Transformations in 24 Hours or Less” on 23 July 2020 at 4 PM AEST.

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