Availery’s direct booking platform empowers organic growth


Your brand, time and budget are all way better off when you hire directly… & so are the consultants you engage. The big problem has been … 

That huge disconnect between supply and demand.

BIG PROBLEM: The disconnect between your internal SAP resourcing demand (project managers jumping up and down), with external market resource supply (the consultants wondering where their next project will be).

Technology businesses are actually people businesses: in this increasingly agile landscape, you need fast access to the right SAP people. Your deadlines, reputation and success depend on it. 

Connecting SAP resource supply and demand = solved, by Availery.

HAPPY SOLUTION: Availery empowers businesses to find SAP resources for themselves and book directly to the SAP consultant who will be doing the work: with no middleman, no agencies, no margins. This beautifully authentic direct engagement model supports the achievement of your corporate organic growth objectives (and your sustainability goals, but more about that later). Here is the background on how Availery solved the problem of connecting SAP resource supply and demand; by building an SAP-specific, direct booking platform:

Step 1. Take what’s great about internal resource scheduling:  

  • Input your project plan or resource requirement, search by skills = find matching consultants, see for miles to identify availability, future gaps, scheduling conflicts, bench time or utilisation opportunities.

Step 2.Mix this with the externalresource market:

  • Agile workforce, more contractors in professional services, independent consultants with the skills you need managing their own time and bookings 

Step 3. Craft into a model that saves everyone time and money:

  • Software-as-a-Service subscription to avoid on-going daily agency margins/lost revenue for consultants; while avoiding pay-per-job advertising expenses and recruitment placement fees for employers

Step 4. Flip it over to put Purpose over Profit:

  • Use the activity on the platform to plant trees for every person, every project, every month to truly Grow More Than Just Business and Careers.

Finally: market test the concept at SAP industry events, run it by leading ERP consultancies, user-test with the most sceptical independent SAP consultants out there, put it through development, then introduce the platform to the broader market through the industry leading media platforms.

Now we’re up to date. Hi. 

Directly connecting SAP resource supply and demand

The coolest part of Availery’s story is how everything about the platform has come from the businesses who want to hire directly (the demand), and the talented consultants who want to engage directly (the supply). From the SAP-specific search and finding, to the live data on resource availability, to the automatic and real-time updates for people. 

On the demand side: It’s easy to tell that the ability to search for someone who can take up a project role six months from now obviously came from a project manager used to solving resource problems before they happen (instead of just jumping up and down).

On the supplyside: It was clearly a seasoned SAP consultant who suggested the flat-monthly pricing to get away from fluctuating agency margins and the lost revenue that comes with it.

And it’s both supply anddemand (consultants andcompanies) who want a digital platform for direct engagement, a platform to book SAP work directly with the consultant who will be doing it for you.

Availery’s direct booking platform empowers organic growth for SAP businesses…

That sustainability comment earlier? That’s because connecting supply with demand is something that every business will need to do forever. If you’re not buying entire companies to grow through acquisition, then you are hiring individually to grow organically. Availery takes this ‘organic growth’ literally, by tying the growth of your career or business, to the growth of natural habitat: planting a tree for every person, and every project, every month.

Organic growth for your business through direct hires and engagement.

Organic growth for the environment as the Availery member community funds entire forests. 

Connecting SAP resource supply and demand = solved, by Availery.

Join Availery’s direct booking platform: Solve that supply and demand problem, and earn a forest. 

Visit us at: www.Availery.com

Request more information or a demo: hello@availery.com

This article is sponsored by Availery.

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