Badgley Mischka Collection Gets Feedback from SAP App

Badgley Mischka Collection Gets Feedback from SAP App

Badgley Mischka is an American fashion company owned by Mark Badgley and James Mischka. Its headquarters is based in New York City. The Badgley Mischka collection features designer dresses, handbags, jewelry, shoes, and more.

In the past, fashion runways used to be exclusive events attended by invited celebrities and notable individuals from various industries. Social media has changed how brands interact with their potential customers and how consumers with interest in fashion are given access to runway events in real-time. Today, technologies are using technologies to involve their customers. One of the methods is live streams, which allow the company to show new collections to viewers regardless of their location as long as they have an internet connection.

In 2018, InsideSAP reported that Badgley Mischka built a mobile app using SAP for its New York Fashion Week fall collection. Just recently, FashionUnited reported that Badgley Mischka collection partnered with Runway by SAP, a live-audience feedback application, since 2013. The app allows users from around the world to interact with runways shows happening in real-time.

The application uses beacon technology, Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning algorithms, which identifies which of the collections are owned by Badgley Mischka as the model walks the runway. Additionally, it allows users to like or love the items featured and can also add it to their wishlist or pre-order items.

In return, the feedback becomes a source of real-time data and analytics for the fashion company. The app also allows users to access and get detailed information on specific items featured in the runway look.

In the interview, Christine Currence, Badgley Mischka’s president, shared that Runway by SAP is helping the brand gauge the interest of customers to help them make informed business decisions.

She shared that they receive real-time feedback from the app on top of the input received at the actual runway event.

She added:

“…the app has been downloaded in over 23 countries. We’re still getting feedback now on the last spring collection, which will soon be in stores.”

The Runway by SAP app can be used to identify the items from the Badgley Mischka collection by holding the app up to a piece showcased in a store, published online, or featured on TV. The app will immediately recognise the style and will provide details such as availability, description, price, and sizing. It will also provide a reference to a styling featured on the runway.

The company shared that the feedback gathered from the app was helpful for its Spring 2020 collection. They shared that they were able to identify which pieces had the best reception from the audience and has a higher chance of selling once it is brought to the retail stores.

Technologies like the Runway by SAP are innovating the runway and changing the experience for customers. As for Badgley Mischka, they transformed not only into a space for consumer engagement but also as an educational platform.

Currence said:

“It’s a great tool to help consumers get to know the brand further.”

She added that it has also helped make it possible for consumers to know that runway looks are attainable and that there is an available size for everyone.

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