Basis Technologies harnesses automation to reinvent SAP testing

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Leading UK-based SAP automation tools developer, Basis Technologies, has introduced Testimony, which uses Robotic Test Automation (RTA) to provide a transformational approach to functional regression testing in SAP environments, significantly increasing test coverage while decreasing the time, risk and costs typically associated with change.

The new solution significantly speeds the entire testing process, eliminating the need for end-user interviews and technical scripting. As a result, system-wide SAP regression testing can begin in just a few days. RTA is designed to provide a faster and less expensive alternative to traditional test automation or manual testing, freeing up functional experts who can then focus on the core business.

Testimony employs a server-side approach to learn how systems operate, then configures, executes and updates tests automatically. It observes users as they do their jobs normally as well as discovering system level interactions that are never observed with user interface (UI) automation tools. The solution automatically isolates SAP systems from external systems to enable full testing without the need to replicate external systems in the test environment.

Testimony enables continuous testing and faster, more frequent delivery of change with a higher degree of confidence. It significantly accelerates transformation projects such as re-platforming to the cloud, while increasing the speed and decreasing the risk of essential SAP updates and upgrades.

“Testimony really is revolutionary,” said Gavin Thornton, IT senior application SME – SAP, CBH Group, headquartered in Perth. “We were one of the first to use the product and the output immediately challenged what we thought we knew about the impact of change in our systems. Testimony … gives us a way to massively increase the speed and effectiveness of testing, so that we can deliver the changes that the business needs with much greater confidence.”

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