Basis Technologies launches Consolidator tool for SAP systems

In response to the increasing demand for SAP system consolidations – driven by a shift to cloud-based ERP in the form of S/4 HANA, sprawling legacy SAP system landscapes, and high levels of M&A activity – UK-based Basis Technologies has added Consolidator to its range of automation tools.

Consolidator performs the technical analysis and merge of SAP ECC systems, including those running on HANA, with minimal user intervention.

According to Basis, in the past there has been a limited range of tools to support system consolidation, resulting in high levels of manual processing and associated business risk.

“Business should give more thought to optimisation of the SAP systems that enable great customer experiences. Too much cash is being wasted on simply maintaining existing processes and stabilising legacy infrastructure,” said Martin Metcalfe, chief executive officer, Basis Technologies. “There is just not enough focus placed on unlocking the latent value within these assets through the use of automation technologies such as Consolidator.”

By automating a critical part of the process, the technical merge, Consolidator helps to expedite system consolidation, while reducing risk and the resources required.

Basis Technologies delivers automation tools for SAP, supporting the adoption of methodologies such as Agile and DevOps in the SAP environment.