BPM Solution Provider Signavio Raises $250M in Investment

investment of $250m by BPM Solution Provider

BPM Solution Provider Signavio’s company name was based on the Italian word “Segnavia,” meaning signpost. Today, with the company’s primary goal to help businesses navigate change, Signavio’s software continues to serve as a signpost in the day-to-day processes of over 1,000 customers.

BPM solution provider of “BPM Software”, Signavio, will be expanding globally, doubling the company’s headcount in Australia to 40 by the end of 2019 after its $250M funding.

According to Signavio’s CEO and Co-Founder, Gero Decker, Australia is the firm’s fourth-largest market in terms of annual revenue generation with offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, the BPM specialist currently employs 20 in both offices in Australia and sells products via 37 local channel partners.

Decker said:

“There are three main elements in Australia that form a large part of the conversations we are having across the market. Technology and automation; robotics and AI; and how our clients can offer their customers a vastly better customer experience, across all of their customer touchpoints.”

“In the Australian market, which is quite mature, we’re finding banks are using process management to not only handle their risk & compliance programs but also to understand the way all of their customer-facing offerings are impacted by their process models. Executives are looking to see how their digital transformation initiatives stack up against their customer-facing offerings,” added the CEO.

Since its formation in 2009, Signavio has been catering to some of the bigwigs across different industries including Australia Post, NBN Co, AMP, DHL, Bosch, Deloitte and SAP offering its cloud-based software suite. To date, there are more than a million users within more than 1,300 organizations utilizing the BPM software globally.

Signavio’s History

The BPM solution provider was founded by four students at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany with the goal of providing a more collaborative and accessible approach to process management. During their research project in 2006, the students created a prototype for the Signavio software to address the need for a software solution to support the process management needs. Signavio was founded in 2009 after the tool was refined, then the BPM Software, the first completely web-based collaborative platform, was introduced.

From the humble team of students with the genuine desire to improve business processes, Signavio is now as a global player with offices in Germany, the United States, Singapore, France, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland. Its BPM Software has now developed into Signavio Business Transformation Suite.

Business Transformation Suite

Signavio Business Transformation Suite is a dynamic management system that helps in quickly realigning organizations, realizing changes immediately.  Companies will benefit from its integrated solution that allows them to model, analyze, optimize, and execute processes and decisions in a single platform.

•    Signavio Process Manager is an intuitive BPM solution for professional process modeling that empowers business people to capture, design, and improve their organization. As part of Signavio Business Transformation Suite, Process Manager captures, connects, and communicates how work is done and where decisions are made, then delivers that information to Signavio Collaboration Hub.

•    Signavio Workflow Accelerator, a web-based platform, is one of the most modern workflow systems available today. The cloud-based software is targeted at business users who want to perform intuitive and professional automation of personalized processes. Signavio Workflow Accelerator offers intuitive automation that can easily transform models into systems to be used throughout one’s entire company.

•    Signavio Process Intelligence enables companies to automatically mine process models from the different IT systems operating within their business (also known as the “application landscape.”). The powerful combination of process discovery, process analysis and conformance checking with a customizable ETL engine, all of which supports a collaborative approach to process improvement, will give companies game-changing insights into their business.

Recognizing that pace and complexity of change to stay relevant in the market is one of the biggest challenges businesses face today, it is critical for organizations to keep up and constantly transform. With Signavio’s Suite, businesses can now take the strategies they develop to reach objectives like customer excellence, operational improvement, business excellence, and digital transformation into execution.

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