Brigid Archibald Named as New Qualtrics Country Manager

Brigid Archibald

SAP has acquired Qualtrics, a customer feedback and experience software, a year ago for 8 billion USD. Following the acquisition, the Australian customers of the German-based software company continued to increase; hence, the business operations will need strong leadership. To ensure that the company’s standards are continuously met, a new leader was appointed to oversee the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) region.

Qualtrics named Salesforce veteran and former Regional Vice President for Commercial Sales, Brigid Archibald, as the new country manager for ANZ. She will now hold the responsibility for helping accelerate the company’s growth on a local level.

Bill McMurray, the Managing Director for Qualtrics in the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region, shared Qualtrics’ focus and the goal of improving the experience delivered to the four pillars of business: brand, customer, employee and product. He then went on to emphasise the significance of Archibald’s appointment. He said:

“Over the last 12 months, we have made significant investments and progress in expanding our capabilities, expertise, and leadership of the experience management category, and Brigid’s appointment is another example of this.”

McMurray also noted Archibald’s strong points as a world-class leader. He added:

“Her wealth of experience in working with fast-growth companies and established enterprises is a huge asset for our customers and Qualtrics. This appointment of Brigid strengthens Qualtrics’ position as the leader in experience management. It provides an exciting platform for us and our customers to build upon as we accelerate our growth in 2020.”

Archibald has years of experience in sales and was a part of multiple companies before Salesforce such as NCR Corporation, AT&T, Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq, HP and American Express. In her statement, she also expressed excitement for her new role and commented on her appointment, noting how she would like to help customers in capitalising opportunities and strengthening Qualtrics’ position in its dedicated category. She said:

“Choosing to compete on experience is crucial to lasting and meaningful success in today’s economies. Huge opportunities await in this new era of business, and I’m excited to help our customers capitalise on them, and strengthen Qualtrics’ position at the forefront of the experience management category.”

In the last 12 months, Qualtrics has doubled the number of members in its APJ workforce and has been servicing more than 1,200 APJ customers across Australia. Some of these include Greek yoghurt company, Chobani, the first Australian-owned comparison website Finder, Qantas airline and telecommunications company Telstra. Eventually, the business expanded with more agreements with some major partners such as the multinational professional services firm Ernst & Young (EY) and the Lotte Data Communication (LDCC).

Under Brigid Archibald’s leadership, SAP Qualtrics ANZ is expected to grow its partnerships and customer base extensively.

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