Business-IT disconnect hinders digital transformation: study


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Although enterprises are well along the way on their digital transformation journeys, QA and testing tools are preventing IT from supporting a continuous delivery model, according to the findings of a new report commissioned by cloud-based software quality and application change delivery solutions provider Panaya.

Key issues for respondents to the ‘Spiceworks 2017 State of Functional Testing Report’ included delivering quality at today’s speeds, meeting the new requirements of continuous delivery, and better engagement between business and IT.

Spiceworks surveyed 154 IT testing decision-makers in the US and the UK in a bid to better understand current practices, trends, challenges and perceptions of business process testing.

More than half (53 per cent) of survey respondents reported that they believe making their organisations more agile is critical to defining their testing methodology and two-thirds stated that Q&A and testing are very important to their organisation’s overall strategy. However, the survey found that IT is challenged to keep pace with the rapidly changing requirements of the business due to a lack of visibility into testing processes and reliable production data. There is a very real disconnect between what the business demands and what IT can deliver, according to the survey.

Almost half (47 per cent) of the IT leaders surveyed reported that they do not believe their tests accurately reflect real-life production scenarios. A further 40 per cent reported a need for more business oriented reports.

Almost one-third (31 per cent) of survey respondents admitted that they always test more than needed to ensure quality, creating project delays and higher costs.

“IT-Business convergence is needed to deliver continuous change, but many of the current tools add complexity and fail to merge the two,” said Jake Klein, CEO, Panaya.

He said that Panaya helps align testing with digital transformation to bring agility to the world of enterprise IT.

“We provide real-time visibility into release risk and quality, and enable testing efficiency through machine learning and autonomous testing to close the gap between IT and the business.”

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