Business travellers get new protections with Concur

Concur Locate

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Travel and expense management solution provider Concur, an SAP company, will help businesses to ensure the safety of their employees while travelling, with the launch of Concur Locate and Active Monitoring.

Wth 42 per cent of travellers preferring to book directly through a travel supplier’s website, travel managers risk not having information on their location in the case of a crisis. This is despite having responsibility for fulfilling the company’s duty of care.

A GBTA Foundation report on risk management found that during a crisis, 71 per cent of travel managers are responsible for locating travellers, and 63 per cent are responsible for providing incident reports on impacted travellers. However, three in five travel managers rely on their travellers to contact them, and three out of 10 do not support travellers who book outside corporate programs at all.

“Businesses have a responsibility to ensure the safety and security of travellers. From natural disasters to terrorist attacks, if a crisis occurs, it’s imperative that businesses are able to quickly identify and locate their employees and determine who may need assistance,” said Mike Eberhard, president of Concur. “These are people who are depending on their business leaders to help them in the event something goes wrong. Concur helps solve this challenge.”

Concur Locate (formerly known as Concur Risk Messaging) and Active Monitoring is an integrated traveller risk management solution that draws from the industry’s most comprehensive data set covering travel and expense data, itineraries booked direct captured through TripLink and TripIt, and supplier e-receipts, to enable businesses to proactively monitor risks, identify where all their travellers are at a moment’s notice, and to communicate with them. Real-time reporting also allows travel managers to quickly share snapshots with business leaders.

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