Cabcharge Australia Advances with SAP Concur E-receipts

Cabcharge Australia Advances with SAP Concur E-receipts

Cabcharge Australia developed the country’s first Electronic Funds Transfer solution for taxis in 2008 making it a key player in the digital payment market. Major banks, retailers and service providers now utilize the company’s payment software.

Cabcharge Australia, the leading payment provider for taxis, has collaborated with SAP Concur to digitize the paper receipts, making every Cabcharge ride hassle-free by providing instant e-receipt for passengers.

The collaboration offers convenience to SAP Concur users by instantly receiving an e-receipt in their account, wherein a cost code can be easily added for a more accurate T&E reporting. Cabcharge said that this partnership benefits the finance departments, as well, by giving it the ability to streamline processes, save time and take back control of business travel expenses. This collaborative effort eliminates the need for monthly reconciliations, reduces write-offs for unassigned trips, and saves money on admin costs, hence, promoting accuracy and transparency in T&E management.

 “SAP Concur is delighted to partner with Cabcharge to provide travelers with easy to file expense claims and for finance managers to have visibility into these expenses for compliance and control purposes,” Matthew Goss, managing director, ANZ, SAP Concur, said.

He added:

“Relying on paper receipts to manage expenses can cost businesses both time and money, due to the potential for errors, duplicate claims and lost receipts, and most notably the time it takes to process physical receipts. Automated, mobile-first travel and expense tools, such as Concur Expense, can transform expense processing by cutting these costs, saving time, reducing fraud and increasing compliance, in addition to providing employees with easy to adopt and manage processes that offer mobility and intelligence, which are key to driving adoption.”

For travelers who will use a Digital FASTCARD instead of their credit card, they will receive detailed trip information from Cabcharge directly to SAP Concur. Relevant travel details are also included in the report such as pick-up and drop-off locations and route maps, eliminating the manual process of recording information aside from helping track travel. Therefore, providing the data insights needed to improve cost management.

Todd Shipp, Head of Corporate Accounts of Cabcharge shared:

 “Our research found half of the Australian finance teams don’t feel they have complete control over their travel policy – we want businesses to take back control of this process.”

Shipp explained that Cabcharge partnered with SAP Concur to make business travel easier and less costly for businesses and travelers.

Corporate travelers in the US and some parts of the globe have started to prefer ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft. These kinds of transport services are now augmenting their B2B services by integrating directly with a range of corporate T&E platforms for streamlined expense management.

To stay competitive and relevant, on-demand apps that integrate into corporate T&E platforms are the next best technology that traditional taxi services need to take advantage of.

About Cabcharge Australia

In November 2018, the motion to change the name of Cabcharge Australia to A2B Australia was passed by the shareholders at the company’s annual general meeting.

A2B has grown to become the market leader in the personal transport sector, as an emerging leading innovator in the fields of payment solutions and communication platforms. Aside from Cabcharge and Silver Service, A2B’s brand expands to 13cabs, MTI, Spotto, EftSolutoins, and Giraffe Payments.

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