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Businesses struggle to keep pace with how to retain and capture new customers.  Each day passes there is a new alternative or competition for customers to try and explore.  Before you know it you seem to be chasing your tail to keep market share or thrive in the area you once dominated.
Public confidence, adoption and the ability to hear their voice are also an area that can be managed more effectively thereby addressing priorities and concerns sooner with the additional intelligence that you are armed with.

Why not use a tool you already have or about to adopt such as cards?  How about having the ability to optimise its capability by correlating customer data collected from various channels, in conjunction with an analytical tool, that will effect user outcomes? SAP’s strength is in being able to help you make sense of the data in your enterprise environment.  What a productive way of making the “plastic” (or virtual card) contribute towards a more informed go-to-market strategy?

SAP Card Management is not just about being able to manage the full lifecycle (or part thereof) of payment cards such as credit, debit and the like.  It has evolved with the changing B2B and B2C landscape with the market demanding personalised experience, speedy response and significantly higher service levels than we have been used to decades ago.  Whilst it handles traditional features from card creation to clearing and settlement, it can extend its capability to other areas regardless of industry sector.


It offers all card payment and lifecycle (or part thereof) features enabling various payment methods and services including:

  • Mobile payments
  • Credit & debit lines
  • Instant loans
  • Account selections
  • and others


Via integration of methods and services outside of the core card management, we have extended management to cover: 

  • Different types of rewards and loyalties in cash and non-cash integrated with any type of program (ie membership, points, pre-paid, and others)
  • Value-added services bundling payment and non-payment attributes
  • Integration of payment and non-payment customer engagements
  • and others


The ability to unify and consume correlated data from your enterprise environment for monetization and/or value creation.

  • Customer profiling with behavioral data including financial history – the best source to create personalised offers and additional services to attract new business/customers.
  • Real-time access to customer transactions which facilitates new marketing and campaign strategies including geo-location based initiatives.
  • Intelligence behind creation of new revenue channels and expansion of market share.
  • The ability to integrate with “customer experience” relevant data and consume it in a way that will drive sensible next steps for the business or organization as a whole.

There could be a myriad of other applications for SAP Card Management that have yet to be uncovered.  How about you?  What is your scenario?

Please contact Nanette.baber@sap.comfor enquiries, or click here to visit an SAP Card Management workshop in a city near you.

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