Censia Talent Intelligent Platform Now on SAP App Center


It is no surprise that more organisations are welcoming SAP’s solutions to its departments because of its ability to accelerate and innovate its functions using cloud services. SAP has been helping organisations in streamlining not only its internal departments, but also its offices across all locations. Once again, a leader in its own industry has joined the bandwagon.

Censia, one of the leading providers of talent intelligence in the talent acquisition industry, launched Censia Talent Intelligence Platform on the SAP® App Center. The announcement was made on the 16-18 of September during the SAP SuccessFactors’ annual conference held in Las Vegas.

The Censia Talent Intelligence Platform was integrated with the SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, which helps global organisations in innovating their talent recruitment processes.

Joanna Riley, Censia’s CEO and Co-Founder, said:

“The integration of Censia’s platform with SAP SuccessFactors is a game-changing differentiator in the Human Capital Management market.”

She added:

“Our collaboration allows us to deliver talent intelligence to predictively match global talent data and predict the best hires for global enterprises. It also represents an opportunity to expand Censia’s footprint by enabling businesses worldwide to instantly identify and hire the best talent for every role in their organization.”

The newly-launched Censia Talent Intelligence Platform complements and integrates the functionalities of the SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting. It aims to accelerate the human resources’ ability to attract and retain talented and qualified employees. The platform aids in making better data-driven people decisions to identify potential hires and promotions while providing other human capital insights beneficial to the organisation.

Greg Tomb, SAP SuccessFactors President, expressed excitement in offering the platform. He said:

We are excited to offer Censia’s Talent Intelligence Platform to help our customers across every industry and geography, cut significant time to hire, and streamline talent acquisition efforts so they can focus on more strategic business objectives. It’s a solution that will help SAP’s global customers make the shift from manual search to predictive talent matching in order to deliver a superior recruiting experience.”

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