Centiq launches SAP HANA cloud readiness service


Photo: iStockphoto

For busy IT professionals wrestling with the dilemma of whether to migrate their SAP HANA operations to the cloud or to continue to manage their on-premise installations themselves, SAP managed services provider Centiq has developed an independent assessment service that measures the potential cost-savings against the business disruption of a cloud migration.

“Deploying complex in-memory applications on the cloud sounds too good to be true, because, often, it is,” said Robin Webster, director, technology and services, Centiq.

Centiq’s cloud readiness service takes into account a full spectrum of variables when assessing whether an organisation will gain all the claimed benefits of SAP HANA on popular public cloud services such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2.

“Typical HANA on Suite implementations are three to four terabytes, so the new public cloud offerings are right in the sweet spot. They only make sense though if all the numbers line up,” said Webster.

Centiq’s cloud readiness service, based in part on Centiq’s own experiences in moving significant in-memory data loads to the cloud, includes four components: workload assessment, architectural design, cost-benefit analysis and implementation plan.

The workload assessment takes into consideration all on-premise workloads, performance variability, seasonality and current on-premise costs. In addition to an organisation’s actual data loads, it also includes the organisation’s requirements for non-standard cloud services, which can significantly impact a cost-benefit analysis if overlooked. The architectural design provides a detailed blueprint of future potential data and networking requirements, while the cost-benefit analysis provides a full cost assessment, including IT security, availability criteria and future data growth, as well as using up-to-the-minute package pricing from cloud vendors. The implementation plan then provides an accurate timeline for an organisation to achieve its project goals within a set budget.

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