SAP to Drive Digital Core Transformation for Coles

digital core

SAP Applications have been selected to drive digital core. The implementation will allow Coles to gain new insights, streamline and automate existing business processes and accelerate opportunities that enable the organisation to work more productively. The implementation is due to commence in February 2019.

Digital Core Transformation

Coles elected SAP to help transform its digital operations across its core business processes. Coles is implementing intelligent enterprise resource planning (ERP) with other SAP applications to gain new insights, streamline and automate its HR and procurement processes and make life increasingly easy for its customers and team members. 

“Making life easier for our customers and team members is a key focus for Coles. This partnership with SAP will allow us to innovate more with both groups to ensure we are as efficient as possible across our retail environment,” said Roger Sniezek, Coles’ Chief Information and Digital Officer.

“Investing in its people, processes and supply chain, Coles is putting a focus on simplifying the experience for its people and customers,” said Damien Bueno, President and Managing Director, SAP Australia and New Zealand. “The retail industry is focused on continuous innovation and anticipating customer needs. To be successful in this era of change and build for a digital future, it is critical to get your digital business framework right. I look forward to seeing this long-term and strategic partnership with Coles grow as it innovates the experience for its people, suppliers, partners and customers.”

Streamlined Processes

SAP S/4HANA will simplify and streamline Cole’s business processes and provide access to insights across the organisation that will accelerate opportunities and enable the organisation to work more productively. SAP will remove common obstacles associated with legacy business process systems, such as latency, complex landscapes and manually-driven processes.

With SAP Ariba, Coles to achieve cost and efficiency savings in procurement through improved supplier management, risk management and cost management. It will deliver greater transparency for Coles and its suppliers by digitising and automating invoices and payments and building stronger relationships through automation, network connections and data-driven insights.

SAP SuccessFactors will help Coles automate their HR processes and maintain key HR information for its employees. Real-time insights will enable better decisions across all of HR functions. With SuccessFactors, Coles will be able to easily manage benefits and payroll, improve employee self-service and ensure compliance.

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