CSS to integrate security solution with SAP HANA Cloud Platform for IoT

Certified Security Solutions

Digital identity security provider, Certified Security Solutions (CSS), is working with SAP to integrate the CSS Verdetto IoT Identity Platform with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

CSS’ large-scale public key infrastructure-based certificate management security solution provides a secure cloud-based solution to help organisations create and manage digital identities for device authentication, data encryption and secure communication.

“We see identity as a fundamental piece of the security puzzle. Our solution empowers companies to use digital certificates to validate the connections between devices to verify that the information generated is legitimate,” said Ted Shorter, CTO, CSS.

The Verdetto IoT Identity Platform provides a unique identity tag for each device so that data communication from each device can be properly identified and validated. This process ensures that business applications and processes are working with legitimate data from authentic sources.

“Any scalable and significant IoT offering requires an end-to-end security solution – from the edge devices and sensors, through the routers and network gear, to the back-end data centre and back to numerous user interfaces,” said Gil Perez, senior vice president, IoT & customer innovation, SAP.

CSS has announced additional plans to collaborate with azeti Networks AG, Check Point Software and Intel to provide secure, end-to-end IoT solutions.

“These companies are also working to offer unique pieces to help solve security, efficiency, and risk issues related to the evolving IoT security puzzle. We look forward to working with these teams to offer customers market-leading business applications that are simple and smart,” said Kevin von Keyserling, CEO, CSS.

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