Defining your mobile strategy: A guide for SAP customers

Published by: Sky Technologies

Abstract: In today’s rapidly changing mobile landscape, setting a mobile strategy for your enterprise can seem overwhelming and confusing. There is an enormous amount of activity in this sector, as mobile application uptake by enterprises grows at an ever increasing rate. To help sift through the noise, Sky Technologies has developed this white paper to assist executives in the development of their mobile strategy.

This white paper aims to outline key points that must be considered when developing a mobile strategy, thereby assisting those executives that are considering extending their business systems to the perimeter of their organization using mobile devices. In this document you will find several references to SAP. We will also attempt to explain how Sky is embracing the SAP Mobility Strategy and enabling solutions that leverage the Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) and are SUP Compliant.

Date: November 2011

Pages: 14

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