Deloitte Digital partners with SAP and Sprinklr on customer service offering

customer service

To help service firms engage with customers in more targeted ways, Deloitte Digital has created a new cloud-based customer service transformation offering which combines digital channel listening tools with the core systems to support customer service.

The solution brings together SAP solutions for customer engagement, SAP Cloud for Service, SAP hybris Commerce and the SAP Jam social platform, as well as software from Sprinklr, in a preconfigured, pretested package which enables rapid deployment.

Using the solution, organisations can listen to customer feedback or requests for help wherever they are made, match those customers to their accounts or products, and respond in a timely fashion. The system allows client issues to be logged, has a searchable knowledge base, and assigns field technicians to issue. Technicians can also manage and resolve issues on-site using the solution’s mobile capabilities.

“Customers need to be heard, understood and appreciated, as maintaining their loyalty to the brand should lie at the core of any business interaction,” said Scott Mager, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP and US Customer Engagement and Commerce leader, Deloitte Digital. “By offering a solution that helps keep companies better informed of customer needs, this new platform can create an opportunity for organisations to drive their customer service into the digital era.”

Deloitte Digital said the solution is designed specifically to help companies develop a better understanding of the customer’s needs over the lifetime of their service relationship; support better management of customer interaction history; and elevate the the overall customer experience by providing more informed, engaging, committed and timely responsible, including in-the-field issue management.

It incorporates industry-specific knowledge from consumer products, medical and life sciences, and wholesale distribution companies, as well as service organisations.

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