Designing the Future of Work Post COVID with Qualtrics’ Webinar, Work Different


Experience management company Qualtrics announces a free webinar to be held on August 13, 2020, to help organisations reimagine and design the future of work post COVID. The Qualtrics webinar, titled “Work Different” will feature practical examples and how-to sessions from more than 25 of the most iconic brands and thought-leaders on the changes they are making now to move forward and make the new normal, the new better.

Speakers include world-renowned professor Brené Brown—whose TED conference is one of TED talk’s top five most viewed in the world with over 45 million views, Qualtrics co-founder and CEO Ryan Smith, and leaders from top brands including Atlassian, Hugo Boss, Microsoft, NBA, and more. Experts across a broad array of industries will also share strategies and showcase ready-to-go solutions to help businesses drive change.

Smith explains,

“Even before the pandemic hit, work wasn’t working for a lot of people. We hear lots of talk about when we’ll get back to normal or at least to a ‘new normal,’ but that’s not the goal. We want to create the ‘new better’ and that means taking the opportunity to fundamentally rethink what work looks like and create the ‘new better.’ Work Different will explore the ways successful organizations are listening to and taking action on the feedback from their customers and employees so we can work different in the future.”

Strategies for The Future of Work Post COVID

Participants of the Qualtrics webinar will get the opportunity to listen to a variety of industry experts in the education, financial services, government, healthcare, high tech, retail, and travel & entertainment sectors. These experts will share the actions and strategies they are taking that can be employed across any organisation and showcase the solutions they are using to plan for the future of work post COVID.

Below we list down a few of the iconic brands who will be part of Qualtrics “Work Different.”


Australian enterprise software multinational Atlassian—best known for its issue tracking application Jira and its team collaboration and wiki product Confluence—will showcase how its more than 3500 employees across its 9 global offices came together to re-envision working through the pandemic.

Microsoft 365

Leading multinational technology company Microsoft will discuss how it accelerated innovation, prioritized development, and quickly delivered solutions needed not just by employees but customers as well in working in the new normal.

National Basketball Association

The NBA will present how they were able to listen and respond to newly remote employees through the use of technology, and how they are adapting to the virtual world while still driving momentum for social justice reform.

Stanford Healthcare

As the pandemic hit, the healthcare company had to quickly take action by scaling its operations through telehealth visits. Participants will hear how Standford Healthcare went from conducting 5000 telehealth visits in 6 months to 65,000 visits in a single month to ensure customers get exceptional care from a distance.


Biltmore, a top tourist destination located at America’s Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway that features the country’s largest home—a 19th century 250-room chatteau—and operates a number of hotels, will address how they faced the challenge of ensuring business continuity by developing a stronger foundation for its brand. 

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