e’ffect: Experience Innovation in a Day in Sydney

e’ffect will showcase the Experience Zone, where the audience gets a glimpse of the role of intelligent technology and changing business models as featured in the Social World, Environment World, Business World, Interactive Sports Zone, Expert Bar, and Innovation Factory.

Happening on Thursday, 8 August 2019 in Carriageworks, Sydney, e’ffect is an intelligent, new one-day event that offers innovation experience intended for managers and executives. The event is designed to push the boundaries of a traditional conference to create a unique and immersive experience, featuring real-world stories from thought leaders and Australian business leaders.

e’ffect, a SAP experienced-focused event, aims to equip executives today with innovative tools that would future-proof their businesses, revolutionize functions and clarify the purpose of their organizations.

Machine learning, IoT, AI, and blockchain have been making rounds in different industries in the recent years but not all business leaders have seen its effect or benefit yet, creating ambiguity in the technological disruption and the experience economy. e’ffect promises to open up learning opportunities for business leaders of any business size from any industry.

The one-day event will feature 11 Australian CEOs and global thought leaders on innovation sharing their expertise and real-world experiences in this digital age through 20-minute presentations. This unique learning practice will allow participants to learn, engage, and be inspired by experts from across different industry sectors.

e’ffect will let the audience immerse in innovation by seeing and getting a feel of the technology operating in the real world. It offers an opportunity for participants to experience technology firsthand and see its potential through one on one meet and greets with the developers.

As a networking space for like-minded executives, the event is expected to house 1,000 executives that could engage in small group discussions with young ICT explorers and see forecasts of the next-gen leaders in a “semi-shark tank” type of environment. The Power Breaks are 15-minute sessions designed to give insights into how these students think while pitching their creative project ideas to the audience.

Learn from the Experts

e’ffect has invited renowned speakers and industry experts to talk on the Main Stage about their real-world experiences with innovation technology.

 Dr. Adriana Marais is a renowned physicist, innovator, and aspiring extraterrestrial, having been chosen as one of the astronaut candidates for The Mars One Project. She is passionate about exploring innovative applications of emerging technologies to challenges facing the continent. Aside from exploring Mars, Adriana, as the Director at the Foundation for Space Development  South  Africa, is also driving an overwinter Antarctic off-world simulation experiment for 2020.

Geraldine McBride, CEO & Director of MyWave and Director of National Australia Bank, is a renowned Enterprise Business Technology and AI thought leader with a proven track record of commercializing the technology in global markets. She has also been the President & CEO of SAP North America and SAP Asia Pacific Japan.

Eric Wilson, Founder and CEO of Xinja Bank, has extensive experience across financial services, management consulting and is a serial entrepreneur. He has done commendable work with disadvantaged and disabled Australians that motivated his approach towards banking. Expect his discussions on how Xinja is helping bring value, innovation and ethical neo-banking to the Australian market during the event.

Dr. Jordan Nguyen, a thought leader on the intersection between technology and humanity, will discuss the new technologies empowering those with a disability and how these solutions will encourage further inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

Jes Gram-Hansen, Extreme Sailing Team CEO/Skipper, will explore the effect of technology on performance, drawing on his professional racing and leadership experiences. His story will inspire any leader looking to motivate their team and reformat their strategic approach.

The Innovation Experience

e’ffect will showcase the Experience Zone where participants will be transported to different worlds, live showcases and interactive zones.

Social World. Discover how a new era of true digital innovation is optimizing livability across key life milestones; from early childhood and education, to securing your first job and home, through to aged care.

Environment World. Take a peek at how technology can support a sustainable future from all aspects of the product lifestyle and how technology and innovation make the process of managing sustainability and supporting a more regenerative process.

Business World. Learn how to make moments matter to consumers- whether it’s delighting empowered customers, engaging an increasingly mobile and diverse workforce, or being a sustainable and innovative developer and creator.

Interactive Sports Zone. Experience how some of the world’s top teams use technology to gain better insights and a competitive edge.

Expert Bar. Meet SAP experts and discuss how to best leverage intelligent technologies to drive innovation in business, from Experience Management to Digital Supply Chain.

Innovation Factory. Experience Design Thinking in action with intelligent technologies like Conversational AI and Bots, Digital Twins, Machine Learning, Predictive, Big Data, and Analytics.

e’ffect will be held at  Carriageworks, the largest multi-arts center in Australia and one of Australia’s most distinctive cultural precincts. 

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