Enterprise Support Academy integrated into SAP Learning Hub

SAP Learning Hub

Photo: iStockphoto

SAP has integrated the Enterprise Support Academy program and its enablement services into a new edition of SAP Learning Hub for customers of SAP Enterprise Support services (on-premise and cloud editions).

“With SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support, SAP Learning Hub should be used by our customers as the single entry point for knowledge about SAP,” said Jacques Pommeraud, senior vice president, global customer success, SAP. “Using this modern platform, key users, IT experts and business professionals alike will find the knowledge they need to use and consume our technology, and ultimately experience a faster ROI.”

The new edition integrates content in a self-paced, microlearning format, with learners able to access expert-led sessions and collaborate live with SAP support staff and engineers covering the cloud, on-premise solutions and hybrid scenarios.

“The increasing speed of innovation and product release cycles are driving the need for a frequent and continually evolving learning experience,” said Bernd Welz, executive vice president and chief knowledge officer, products and innovation, SAP. “As businesses seek to move their operations to the cloud, keeping the digital skills of their employees up-to-date is no longer an option.”

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