ERPScan releases AI-driven SAP cybersecurity platform

SAP security

Alexander Polyakov, ERPScan

A new platform from cybersecurity research firm ERPScan uses machine and deep learning to cover all aspects of SAP security – predictive, preventive, detective and responsive capabilities – in a single solution.

The platform, released in Las Vegas last week, introduces three features important for SAP security: threats and anomaly detection with a user-defined interface and functionality; the integration of all SAP security areas (including platform security, code security and segregation of duties); and support for SAP cybersecurity requirements from Gartner’s PPDR (Predict, Prevent, Detect, Respond and Monitor) framework.

ERPScan founder and chief technology officer, Alexander Polyakov, said the solution is a real breakthrough for the company.

“We spent the last two years developing a solution that would be able to not only cover all areas of SAP cybersecurity, but also be intuitive by adding machine learning and adaptive interfaces. Our secret team of data scientists and machine learning experts battled with the experienced Research team and taught the system to detect advanced attacks and anomalous user behaviour. Now we are ready to present the new generation of SAP cybersecurity products, and it’s so exciting,” said Polyakov.

He said there are two notable attack vectors on ERP systems: exploiting traditional vulnerabilities to gain remote access, ad analysing the behaviour if an attacker does gain access to the system.

The system will learn the normal behaviour in SAP systems, profiles and user activities, and reports if the number of suspicious events reaches a particular mark. A new Monitoring Module will also provide role-based dashboards – for example, CISO, manager or developer.

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