European Software Vendors and Australian Software Reseller Partner to Bring High-Quality Automation Software to ANZ SAP IT Teams

European Software Vendors and Australian Software Reseller Partner to Bring High-Quality Automation Software to ANZ SAP IT Teams

European SAP IT teams have had access to a much broader range of automation software than their Australian and New Zealand counterparts for many years. The formation of Leg Up Software, a newly founded, specialist regional software reseller, and its partnership with several European software vendors changes that.

MELBOURNE, 14th September 2020 — Leg Up Software, VOQUZ Labs and Libelle AG announced today Leg Up Software’s appointment as a regional reseller for their range of SAP IT automation software. Targeting SAP IT team members such as administrators, basis, development and IT support, Leg Up Software will ensure regional SAP IT teams have access to a more extensive range of Europe’s specialised IT automation software.

With over 250 Australian and New Zealand enterprises relying on their IT teams to maintain, enhance and support their SAP solutions, the region represents a reasonably sized, but hard to access market for European IT automation software vendors.

Martin Kogel, CEO VOQUZ Labs said:

“Although the region is attractive to us, it’s a difficult market for us to access. Leg Up Software provides us important localised sales, marketing and, for our customers, first-level support services which mean we can confidently offer our license management and user authorisation software to Australian and New Zealand SAP customers.”

Hans-Joachim Krueger, founder and CTO of Libelle AG also said:

“Although we have had many Australian SAP customers contact us regarding our automation solutions for SAP system copies and data anonymisation, it has been difficult for our team to reach out effectively in the way we expect from ourselves. This has left potential customers with little option but to stick with their status quo.”

By offering specialised European IT automation software vendors a channel to the ANZ market, Leg Up Software will provide regional SAP IT teams the confidence to evaluate, acquire and use the same high-quality IT automation software in use by many European companies.

Rick Porter, founding Director of Leg Up Software said:

“In speaking to SAP IT teams globally, attending SAP events , and talking to software vendors I’ve seen many unique solutions in use by SAP IT teams internationally that just aren’t easily available in Australia or New Zealand. Through our partnering with the likes of VOQUZ labs, Libelle AG, and others, we can bridge the availability gap so ANZ SAP IT teams can enjoy the same automation outcomes as their European counterparts.”

To learn more about the software now available through Leg Up Software’s partnerships with VOQUZ Labs, Libelle AG and other European software vendors visit

About VOQUZ Labs

VOQUZ Labs is the solutions division within the VOQUZ Group and specialises in developing software solutions for SAP license management and SAP authorisation & Identity management. The VOQUZ Group is a solution provider and system integrator in the information technology sector. The company is a one-stop shop for the implementation of complex IT projects and offers its customers intelligent solutions in the fields of Customer Experience, Future Mobility, SAP Solutions, and IT Security. Its customers include both major companies as well as businesses in the SME sector. The VOQUZ Group employs around 300 people and has its headquarters in Munich. It is represented with own subsidiaries and via partner-network in Europe, North and South America as well as Asia.

About Libelle AG

Libelle AG has been a specialist for automation solutions in the world of SAP and non-SAP for more than 25 years. Libelle’s portfolio includes solutions automating availability and disaster recovery, test system refreshes, data anonymization, SAP system and IDoc monitoring as well as SAP master data management. Operated by thousands of customers and IT Service Providers both in the SMB and enterprise field, on premises, on cloud and in hybrid cloud environments. Libelle delivers services from its offices in Germany (Stuttgart, Schwelm), the USA (Libelle LLC, Atlanta) and France (Libelle Sarl, Paris), with a worldwide network of service partners and distributors. Now in ANZ, as well.

Fun fact: Libelle is the German word for dragonfly.

About Leg Up Software

Leg Up Software, a Melbourne based software reseller, was founded to provide a cost-effective sales channel to the Australian and New Zealand market for specialty European software vendors. In doing so, Leg Up Software gives regional Enterprise SAP IT teams access to high quality, market-leading IT automation software to help them serve their business customers better.

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