Fire and Rescue NSW implements Suite on HANA

By Freya Purnell
Australia’s largest urban fire and rescue service, Fire & Rescue NSW, has taken another step towards real-time reporting and access to information across the entire emergency services network in NSW, with the implementation of SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA.


The implementation will assist in providing the organisation with improved control during the fire season, and is the next phase in Fire & Rescue NSW’s journey towards predictive fires and other natural disasters before they occur, as well as effectively managing resources and establishing accurate early warning systems.

Richard Host, CIO, Fire & Rescue NSW, said, “The SAP software implementation will help us save lives. It knows everything about our assets and our people, including their training history, with up to 30 years of data.

“We will also see more efficient collaboration across all three major state emergency service agencies, including New South Wales State Emergency Service and New South Wales Rural Fire Service. The agencies now use a single instance of SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA as their source of information.”

Through SAP HANA, Fire & Rescue NSW is undertaking an enterprise asset management program to help the emergency services agencies better manage their vast firefighting and rescue asset base.

SAP HANA will also support the agency’s ‘Project Minder’, a system designed to head off disasters across the state by analysing real-time data and enabling predictions almost a week in advance, as well as to recommend resource deployment in a timely and accurate manner.

“Better systems mean safer communities. It’s critically important to have the right skills and equipment available at the right time,” Host said. “With SAP HANA, we have deep and accurate information that is instantly accessible, enabling us to make critical decisions quickly. We can monitor and manage our entire network more effectively and ensure the state is as safe as possible for years to come.”

Andrew Barkla, president and managing director, SAP Australia and New Zealand said, “Fire & Rescue NSW have delivered an exceptional implementation. We have laid the foundations for continuous innovation that will improve not only the state’s emergency response, but emergency prevention.”

The implementation at Fire & Rescue NSW is a showcase of the SAP Urban Matters program.



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