First Partner-Run SAP AppHaus Opens in Australia


The partner-run SAP AppHaus, Bourne Digital Experience Design Centre, aims to solve business problems through human-centric design.

Australia’s First Partner-Run SAP AppHaus

SAP and Bourne Digital announced the launch of the Bourne Digital Experience Design Centre, the first partner-run SAP AppHaus in Australia. Set in an industrial building in Melbourne, the Bourne Digital Experience Design Centre is framed by a glass atrium and is designed to foster a light and creative atmosphere. Bourne Digital’s Experience Design Centre is a creative space in which businesses co-innovate with SAP, focusing on experience design and applying a human-centric innovation approach.

The SAP AppHaus Network is a community of creative spaces run by SAP or like-minded SAP partners helping to humanise business software and helping to ensure that innovation gets into the hands of end users. The goal of the network is to put people into the center of all engagements by leveraging SAP products and technologies. The network helps to ensure that creative spaces and innovation services are available to businesses that use SAP solutions in all regions.

“Australian businesses are increasingly seeking to re-invent their business models, simplify their business processes and differentiate their customer experience to compete on the global stage,” said Selim Ahmed, Managing Director and Founder, Bourne Digital. “The Bourne Digital Experience Design Center enables clients to co-design with industry leaders, designers and engineers to re-define their end-user experience. We are really honoured to be the first SAP AppHaus Network member in the Asia Pacific and Japan region and are excited about the growth and innovation this will bring to Melbourne.”

Early Success

Newcrest Mining is one of the first Australian business to use the creative space. The company credits the human-centred innovation approach of The Bourne Digital Experience Design Centre for the rapid development of its own native app. Gavin Wood

“One of Newcrest’s core values is innovation and problem solving – this is critical for us to achieve the simplification of our environment to deliver safe, efficient and profitable mining,” said Gavin Wood, Chief Information & Digital Officer, Newcrest Mining. “Through working with Bourne Digital and SAP, we went through a human-centred design process involving machine learning to simplify an incredibly complicated process of lodging maintenance requests for over 200,000 assets.

He continued, “In just six weeks, we produced a native app to help ensure that maintenance requests are not missed, which helped avoid unplanned outages and safety hazards. The Bourne Digital Experience Design Center brings together the right environment and expertise to deliver innovative solutions to real business problems putting the user experience at the heart of the process. Human-centered design has already helped us achieve rapid and effective innovation — we are looking forward to seeing where this takes us next.”

For more information, visit Bourne Digital and the SAP AppHaus Network.

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