First SAP iPhone app released

By Nathan Dukes

The first official SAP iPhone application has been released, and it probably isn’t what you would think.

Believe it or not, the application is called BNE Traffic- a traffic monitoring program.

BNE Traffic uses GPS data and twitter feeds to provide iPhone users with a live feed of Brisbane traffic information.

The app is a mash-up of several web 2.0 technologies and, like all social media, is reliant on community participation and support.

Potential obstacles and traffic hot spots are tweeted by users to #bnetraffic. The app then uses the tweet, plus GPS data sent by the phone to pin the tweet and the location it was broadcast to the map.

The information can then be read by other iPhone users, who can avoid traffic incidents when they plan their car journey across Brisbane.

The program is only suitable for people in Brisbane, but the program has the potential to be extended to other centres.

The Application was developed by local SAP Research team in Brisbane.

The app is a glimpse into the type of work SAP Research is undertaking here in Australia. The app shows a focus on interactivity, social media, and the use of GPS data.

Sky Technologies CTO Stephen Ware gave similar predictions when we spoke recently about the impact of the NBN.

Stephen said in the future we could expect spatial interfaces, with graphic images, GPS data and video streaming, in SAP solutions on mobile devices. Read more here.

The next SAP iPhone app is expected to be the BusinessObjects Explorer application showcased at the SAP TechEd event in Vienna last month.

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