Fujitsu extends digital cloud platform to Australia


Photo: iStockphoto

Fujitsu has launched a new regional cloud platform in Australia, extending its digital platform-as-a-service offering, RunMyProcess.

Building on existing platforms in Europe and Asia, the increase will help support and address the digital transformation needs of organisations with regional compliance requirements for data sovereignty, regulation, security and low latency.

RunMyProcess is a native cloud platform that allows organisations to build, test, deploy and scale device-independent applications that connect digital business process across cloud, on-premise solutions such as SAP and mobile environments. The platform offers prebuilt connectors to develop applications faster and deploy them more rapidly.

RunMyProcess currently serves more than 500 customers around the world, but with the expansion to North America and Australia, this is set to increase.

“RunMyProcess has been experiencing rapid year-on-year growth as customers worldwide leverage our platform to transform the way they work, extending enterprise systems and processes to interface with the people, software and things of the digital world. RunMyProcess ensures that organisations can easily connected digital processes and deliver truly integrated user experiences with minimal development effort,” said Dr Yuji Takada, CEO, RunMyProcess.

“What’s more, we enable fast innovation, as these applications are up and running within days. Since our focus has always been on solving our customers’ problems at the front line of digital transformation, we are now extending the RunMyProcess platform to all four corners of the globe, adding even more digital capability.”

The addition of a platform in Australia is expected to increase its appeal to organisations that have strong regulatory requirements.

Mike Foster, chief executive officer of Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand, said, “RunMyProcess is an important component in our suite of offerings designed to help our customers to transform their business in the light of constant digital disruption. As its focus is on streamlining and digitising processes, we have had a strong level of interest from financial services organisations and government departments. Hosting of the platform in Australia strengthens our value proposition to these industries.”

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