Gamification company launches SuccessFactors Learning app


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Gamification solution provider GamEffective has joined the SAP PartnerEdge program, and made available GamEffective for SAP SuccessFactors Learning, a microlearning gamification platform.

The platform will provide customers with the ability to engage with their learners on a daily basis, using gamification and feedback to drive high levels of engagement.

“We see great importance in becoming an SAP partner,” said Gal Rimon, founder and CEO, GamEffective. “Many learning and development organisations understand that the future of learning is evolving from course completion to continuous learning, with on-demand knowledge available to learners as they need it.

“Leaders in learning and development see great importance in driving learning and measuring knowledge growth, through a model of daily engagement with micro learning. They also would like to direct learning to learners, based on what learners actually do and on their real-time on-the-job performance.

“Gamification platforms enable just that, and content can be created for them. But they also need to connect to the organisation’s underlying learning management system, or LMS, to ‘feed’ its content to users, and to both push and pull information into the LMS. The gamification platform serves as a ‘system of engagement’ on top of the LMS, which serves as a ‘system of record’.”

The platform can tap into real-time performance metrics, assessing who needs learning reinforcement, spaced learning or repetition and when, and can then offer this learning automatically.

GamEffective for SAP SuccessFactors Learning is now available on the SAP App Center.

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