What you can expect from the 2016 SAUG Summit

SAP mobile and user experience software and solution provider Innovaptive Inc and full-lifecycle spatial system integrator Critigen have established a technology partnership to help SAP customers take advantage of geospatial system integration capabilities.

The companies plan to make available the Critigen GIS Solution on Innovapptive’s mWorkOrder – Mobile Work Order Management solution in the second quarter of 2016. This will enable customers to efficiently manage and maintain geographically dispersed assets and provide relevant work order information with on-demand access to asset and work history on mobile devices and desktops.

Having geo-enabled mobile solutions assists businesses by enabling better decision-making through the understanding of location and spatial relationships, decreased operational risk, and increased compliance, by integrating information from multiple enterprise systems, including GIS, and making them it available to employees working in the field.

“Critigen helps clients integrate geospatial technologies with enterprise systems, and enables field users with mobile spatial solutions that combines well with our mobile solution portfolio,” said Hari Kamineni, CEO and co-founder, Innovapptive.

“We anticipate the SAP ecosystem to benefit from our aligned strategies to solve important issues for our customers, and within the industry.”

Jeff Haight, CEO, Critigen, said the offering will help field workers across the utilities, oil and gas, and transportation industries.

Innovapptive was a 2015 SAP Pinnacle Award winner, a 2014 SAP Pinnacle Award finalist and a 2014 SAP Mobile Apps Challenge winner, and offers a portfolio of 77 mobile apps leveraging SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services.