GIS and Spatial Veteran Leads Zag in Spatial Services

GIS and Spatial

GIS and Spatial industry expert Matti Seikkula was named Professional of the Year in the 2015 NZ Spatial Excellence awards for his contribution to the Spatial industry over the previous 19 years.

GIS and Spatial industry veteran Matti Seikkula will be leading the newly formed Spatial Services team of Zag (formerly known as Soltius), a cloud solution expert and trusted SAP partner in New Zealand. SAP and Zag, have set up a Spatial Services team dedicated to Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

Today, many businesses and councils use GIS to display and analyze data geographically, including property records and utility locations. Zag has been nurturing a steadily growing market of GIS integration with SAP.

Aside from the technology’s application in the areas such as supply chain management, the insurance industry, even retail where it is utilized in outlet planning and forecasting, Spatial data promises to benefit businesses in the field of banking, farming, urban planning, and healthcare as well.

Nick Mulcahy, CEO of Zag, explained that the company already has several existing customers that have their GIS systems linked to SAP. The next logical step for Zag is to set up a dedicated division to service and expand this market.

“Many of our customers have been talking to us about providing support for their Spatial integrations and the growth in these requests has pushed us to set up Spatial Services to give customers a one-stop-shop for SAP and Spatial. As a result, we’ve created New Zealand’s first dedicated SAP and GIS business unit,” he said.

Mulcahy expressed his confidence in Matti in heading the Spatial team with the veteran’s decades of experience in the business with an outstanding reputation as a Geo-Spatial expert in the industry.

Matti Seikkula was CIO & Principal Consultant of e-Spatial, leading geo-mapping services provider to over 3,500 customers in North America and Australia. Part of his executive role at e-Spatial was to promote its technical capability and geo-spatial technology to customers, partners and the market. With 30 years of experience in IT and GIS, Seikkula is a regular speaker on all things Geospatial at various industry conferences across Australasia.

According to Seikkula, Spatial has matured into the cloud, is getting frequent requests to be integrated with enterprise systems and can incorporate freely available and complementary open reference data. These reasons have now made Spatial mainstream. Now is the most opportune time to form a team dedicated to supporting customers through what can be complex implementations of SAP and Spatial systems. ESRI, a dominant GIS provider, has announced last year that its enterprise systems will run on SAP’s HANA database.

He explained:

“Most organizations still find the spatial industry overly complicated – this is where Zag’s Spatial team will help; simplifying these interfaces and helping teams across Business, IT and GIS work better together.”

“With businesses and government increasingly making use of big-data analytics to aid their decision making, integrating and maximizing the benefit from GIS systems will grow in importance. Zag is already involved in this space thanks to supporting existing customers, but the creation of Spatial Services will allow us to work within the business and with customers to find innovative ways to integrate Zag’s existing offerings with our new Spatial offerings,” Seikkula added.

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