Google and SAP hand in hand

SAP Cloud Platform

Bernd Leukert, SAP SE

At the Google Cloud Next ’17 conference in San Francisco, SAP and Google together announced a new strategic partnership, including making flagship SAP products available on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and collaborating on infrastructure-as-a-service.

In a blog post, SAP’s Bernd Leukert, member of the SAP SE Executive Board, products and innovation, announced the general availability of SAP HANA on GCP, which will provide an automated provisioning capability of certified SAP HANA instances. The company will also seek to make the SAP Cloud Platform available on GCP, to allow customers to build enterprise cloud applications from the combinations of services and APIs GCP and the SAP Cloud Platform offer.

“As another element of this partnership, we are collaborating to offer data visibility and data custodian capabilities for SAP on Google Cloud Platform, over time, leveraging SAP’s expertise in governance risk and compliance initially,” wrote Leukert.

SAP will use the Google Cloud Launcher Marketplace to distribute products such as the developer edition of SAP HANA express edition.

Perhaps more significantly, however, SAP is working on the integration of its applications with Google’s G Suite, covering Gmail and Google Calendar. SAP Cloud Platform’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution is now integrated with Google Suite and GCP, which allows customers to easily give users access to any application from any device at any time.

“With the size, scope and scale of both our companies, we see a great opportunity to completely transform the way end-to-end business processes and enterprise software are run in the digital economy. And this is only the start,” wrote Leukert.

“With machine learning becoming increasingly important, SAP and Google will also collaborate in this area, taking full advantage of the business and technology capabilities of both industry leaders.”

Leukert also said that more details about the partnership will be revealed at this year’s SAPPHIRE NOW event.

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