Green IT offerings made clear with new SAP Ecohub functionality

By Nathan Dukes

SAP has added further functionality to the SAP Ecohub online marketplace, with a ‘sustainability map’, allowing potential customers to see clearly the green IT solutions available.

The new feature congregates a number of green solutions into one place where they can be viewed and understood easily.

The simple interface allows users to click on defined areas on the map, revealing more about the solutions and services, and who they are available from.

Lee Dittmar, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP said IT is becoming recognised as an essential enabler of sustainability efforts.

“SAP’s focus on solutions for enterprise sustainability should contribute to the increasingly important role technology is playing in the design and execution of efficient and effective sustainability programs,” he said.

SAP said the sustainability map confirms their commitment to sustainability and demonstrates the increasing number of partners offering green IT solutions.

In addition to green IT solutions, the sustainability map also gives customers clearer representation of SAP’s sustainable offerings, including:

Sustainability Performance Management
Energy & Carbon
Product Safety & Stewardship
Sustainable Supply Chain
Environment, Health & Safety
Sustainable Workforce
IT Infrastructure

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