Gurobi Optimization LLC Seals 10-year Deal with SAP


Gurobi Optimization LLC, named after its founders Dr. Zonghao Gu, Dr. Edward Rothberg, and Dr. Robert Bixby, has been providing math programming solver, tools for distributed optimization, optimization in the cloud, and outstanding support to its customers worldwide since 2008.

Gurobi Optimization LLC, the developer of the powerful mathematical optimization solver Gurobi Optimizer, has entered a 10-year enterprise agreement with SAP to be the German company’s premier, enterprise-wide supplier for mathematical optimization technology. The strategic partnership is intended to enhance and expand the use of mathematical optimization across SAP’s enterprise application software suite.

Franz Hero, SAP Senior Vice President of Development for Digital Supply Chain, stated:

“Mathematical optimization continues to be an important cornerstone along with our accelerated investment into intelligent algorithms such as AI/ML.” 

“Combining these approaches will offer our customers a differentiated set of advanced tools for better automation and decision support,” Hero added.

SAP and Gurobi Optimization’s long-term arrangement aims to improve the utilisation of mathematical optimization within SAP’s software. The partnership expands the role of Gurobi Optimizer beyond SAP’s supply chain management. Since 2015, Gurobi Optimizer has been a key component of the ERP company’s supply chain management solutions

Gurobi’s Flagship Brand

Gurobi Optimizer is known as the fastest and most powerful mathematical programming solver for linear programming (LP), quadratic programming (QP), quadratically constrained programming (QCP), mixed-integer linear programming (MILP), mixed-integer quadratic programming (MIQP), and mixed-integer quadratically constrained programming (MIQCP) problems. It enables users to state their toughest business problems as mathematical models and then find the best solution out of trillions of possibilities. 

Gurobi Optimizer has the capability to become a decision-making assistant, guiding the choices of a skilled expert or run in fully autonomous mode without human intervention.

In March, Gurobi 9.0, the latest version of the industry-leading Gurobi Optimizer, was released. Gurobi 9.0 delivers new capabilities and major new features for the Gurobi Compute Server as well as notable performance improvements across LP, MIP, and MIQP problem types.

The SAP and Gurobi decade-long Enterprise Agreement entails the following:

  • The Gurobi Optimizer is utilised by the SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain (SAP IBP) solution. SAP will look for new opportunities to embed the Gurobi Optimizer into other applications that benefit from mathematical optimization.

SAP IBP for Supply Chain solution powered by in-memory computing technology within SAP supports sales and operations; demand, response, and supply planning; and inventory optimization. Last April, SAP Integrated Business Planning 2005 has been generally released as planned.

  • Gurobi’s R&D department will commence a strategic cooperation with SAP and will provide focused innovation support and consulting to SAP in all matters related to mathematical optimization.

Dr. Edward Rothberg, CEO of Gurobi Optimization, said:

“SAP and Gurobi share the same vision: to empower companies to benefit from mathematical optimization by using it to make optimal, data-driven decisions in this era of the Intelligent Enterprise.”

“SAP and Gurobi will be working more closely together to spearhead greater innovation and adoption of mathematical optimization across SAP’s enterprise applications,” Rothberg stressed.

More about Gurobi Optimization LLC

With presence across US, Europe , and Asia , Gurobi Optimization has helped more than 2,400 companies in 40 industries make better decisions through the use of prescriptive analytics, the right mix of advanced developments and technologies, flexible licensing, and world-class support. 

The company boasts of its experienced development and support teams. The development team ensures Gurobi’s solvers continuously improve performance and include features that meet industry needs. On the other hand, Gurobi’s support team consists of PhD-level optimization experts that help customers get direct access to quick and reliable answers with their model or business problem.

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