Heinz automates order management in SAP system

Document process automation solution provider Esker has assisted Heinz Iberica to automate 22,500 yearly orders in its SAP system, simplifying and standardising its order management process.

Of the automated orders, 44 per cent are received by EDI, while the remainder are received by fax, email or paper.

Heinz implemented Esker’s Order Processing solution in Spain in august 2015 for a limited number of customers, and in the first day alone, the company was able to automate 20 per cent of its orders. Since then, Heinz has automated the processing of 80 per cent of its fax and email orders, totalling over 1000 orders per month.

Among the benefits of this automated order processing project are decreased processing time, orders being loaded directly in the SAP system, electronic order archiving, and gaining access to dashboards containing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and customisable reports. Time previously spent on order entry has been reallocated, allowing teams to focus on more impactful tasks such as customer service and supply chain management.

“To speed up our customer response time and process orders quicker and more efficiently, we needed to reduce our time-consuming manual order entry process,” said David Laso, director of customer service, Heinz Iberica.

“To achieve this, we looked for a solution that could automate 100 per cent of our orders, even the non-EDI ones. We have reduced both time and effort previously required to handle manual order entry, allowing us to focus on more strategic activities with higher added value.”