Human Revolution: the New HR of SAP SuccessFactors


650 jobs for people with autism in 2020. That is the global goal of SAP SuccessFactors after uncovering the need to tap a wider talent pool of people with diverse skills set, considering those on the ASD spectrum.

The tech industry has been stereotyped as a place fit for the critical thinkers and solutions providers who necessitate minimal social interaction with peers. Much like the stereotype of people within the ASD spectrum. After all, they are perceived as excellent in concentration, routine and completing tasks in no time. Much like the skills set desired in the tech world.

SAP has been at the forefront of technology, solutions, and optimization since the 70s. It is not a surprise when the German company acquired SAP SuccessFactors, an end-to-end cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) software solutions provider, in 2011. This bold move has, yet again, made SAP an undeniable presence in the cloud services. Carrying the legacy of SAP, SAP SuccessFactors leads another gallant and innovative move to be inclusive and neuro-diverse by recognizing the potential of people with ASD in the tech space.

‘Human Revolution’ (not to be confused with the Human Revolution in Buddhism, though it may imply the same intent) is Greg Tomb’s, the President of SAP SuccessFactors, rally for change in Human Resources. Capitalizing on technology, now specific human skills sets can be identified and optimized, including identifying people who are on the ASD Spectrum.

Tomb has made mention that SAP SuccessFactors shares the vision of inclusion of differently-abled and neuro-diverse workforce with HSBC as evident in their Autism at Work program and SAP’s recent donation of €10,000 to the National Autistic Society on behalf of HSBC.

Part of this groundbreaking Human Revolution move, SAP SuccessFactors has already initiated bridging the gap within the company by considering wider gender spectrum, breaking the controversial glass ceiling for women in the management by having 25% female leaders with the commitment of increasing it to 30 % by 2022. Also, the company has seen the need to address the external workforce factor in companies, where 44% of average spend goes. SAP SuccessFactors has clearly identified that a holistic approach in the total workforce is critical for management to strategize and optimize the present talents, counting in the external workforce from suppliers.

Now, we can throw in inclusivity, neurodiversity, wider gender spectrum and extending management to the external workforce in the mix of Human Revolution/ Human Resource universe. Waiting in line is the millennial Gen-Z cohort, the digital natives seeking for the purpose and balance of life at work. Let’s let the Gen X leaders of today decipher the perfect code, yet a better code for the workforce of tomorrow.

In the meantime, 650 jobs globally for people in the ASD spectrum in 2020 are already a breakthrough worth celebrating and definitely another legacy for SAP SuccessFactors.

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