Hurd appointment positive for SAP: McDermott

By Elizabeth Kelleher

Oracle’s decision to appoint ousted Hewlett Packard chief executive Mark Hurd as a president and board member is “net-positive” for SAP, according to co-chief executive Bill McDermott.

McDermott made the comment in an interview with The New York Times, where he argued that the reshuffle of Oracle’s executive suite serves to highlight the different paths the two companies are taking.

McDermott said that in Hurd, Oracle is bringing in a top-shelf executive with a strong background in computer hardware, both from his years at Hewlett Packard and at NCR. SAP, in contrast, is “staying true to its core” in software, partly to ensure that hardware makers like IBM and HP remain allies. “For Oracle, they are enemies now,” said McDermott.

McDermott also reiterated previous announcements that SAP will be releasing software tools for third-party developers to build their own SAP mobile applications. “What Apple has done in the consumer space, we’ll do in business applications,” he said.

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