ICT critical for progress on sustainability

By Elizabeth Kelleher

ICT will have a crucial role to play in transitioning Australia to a more sustainable economy, according to the director of the UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures, Professor Stuart White.

Speaking at the IBM Smarter Infrastructure for Sustainable Cities Roundtable in Sydney today, White said ICT will be key in optimising critical infrastructure to take advantage of emerging technologies.  

He said that the technology is available to reduce inefficiencies in transport, energy and water grids, but it is up to government and industry to begin integrating it with a ‘system of systems’ approach.

Catherine Caruana-McManus, IBM Australia’s business development executive for public sector, chaired the event and described the system of systems approach as a “new way of thinking about cities”.

She said that by pooling resources and capabilities, government and industry could make service provision more cost effective and improve living standards in Australian cities.

Queensland Motorways chairman David Gray, who also spoke at the roundtable, concurred, and said businesses must be more open to integrating their ICT solutions with other stakeholder solutions.

He called on businesses to stop viewing the integration of stakeholder solutions in terms of who wins and who loses.

“The mindset of win/win is absolutely fundamental to system of systems thinking,” said Gray.

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