Increased focus on IT security in GRC module

The recently launched version 10.0  of SAP’s GRC suite has brought an increased business to IT security, according to SAP partner Turnkey Consulting.

The recognition that IT security should be a business issue is a welcome shift, according to Turnkey managing director, Richard Hunt, with the upgraded tools expected to help organisations improve their internal access and control environment.
“SAP’s new GRC suite tackles the issue that IT security is an activity that is only carried out by the technology department.  Version 10.0 removes a lot of the technical challenges to GRC, which enables the business to become intrinsically involved in the overall security process,” Hunt said.

Turnkey also believes that the holistic approach to risk management taken by GRC version 10.0 will improve the design and implementation of internal controls and improve audit compliance, and enable partners to provide more integrated solutions for customers.

SAP GRC version 10.0 incorporates various functional enhancements and a change from Java to ABAP architecture. Key new features delivered by the new release include:

  • Unification of all access control capabilities on a standardised ABAP platform, offering enterprise supportability, granular security, transport, and archiving.
  • Harmonisation of Access Control with Risk Management and Process Control, offering shared processes, data, and user interface across the GRC suite.
  • Standardisation and improved workflow capability supporting more flexible, multi-tiered routing and approval matrices. Dynamic user request forms based on user or system selected.
  • A new concept of business role governance, offering standardisation of the role compliance framework across organisations, systems and applications.
  • Centralised firefighting and administration across all systems with a new workflow providing an auditable process for tracking log report approval.
  • Improved compliant provisioning for customers already using IdM. Allows for initiation of risk analysis and remediation from IdM or enables use of IdM to provision compliant requests.

Source: SAP Marketplace.

“Version 10.0 is true ‘business GRC’ that will bring significant enterprise-wide benefits to SAP customers,” said Hunt.

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