Industry-first Fujitsu technology to extract system specifications

system specifications

Photo: iStockphoto

When business systems have grown in complexity through years of development, and specification documents have not been updated, understanding the currently implemented system specifications can be a difficult and time-consuming task.

To address this issue, Fujitsu Laboratories has developed new technology to analyse the programs of business systems, and automatically extract implemented business logic-based practices, calculation methods and other tables.

The technology then outputs this information as tables of conditions, increasing the efficiency of understanding the current specifications coded in the program.

In one of its test cases that applied the technology to Fujitsu’s programs, the time required to update the specification documents was reduced by one third.

Fujitsu plans to use this new technology in its approach to system migrations, in combination with existing technology for identifying the feature components of software program assets and technology to visualise the degree of complexity in business logic. the company aims to now work on testing and overcoming problems in this technology with the aim of bringing it into practical application in 2017.

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