Accounts Receivable Management Software ezyCollect Integrates with SAP Business One

Inecom Integrates ezyCollect with SAP Business One

SAP Gold Partner Inecom, announces an ongoing project to integrate accounts receivable management software ezyCollect with SAP Business One—SAP’s business management solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. The project is currently in testing and expected to roll out within the month.

Simon Bishop, Director of Inecom, expressed his excitement in merging these two innovative solutions,

“Having implemented SAP Business One for over 15 years, and also rolled out ezyCollect for many clients, it makes perfect sense for these two proven platforms to come together. We’ve seen exceptional results from ezyCollect. Almost immediately our clients shorten their payment cycles which generate real cash into their businesses. It’s a significant new feature that any client with overdue invoices should take a good look at. We can’t wait to bring this opportunity to our SAP Business One clients.”

ezyCollect for 360° Accounts Receivable Management

The new integration aims to provide SAP Business One customers who regularly manage a high volume of invoices—such as service providers, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers—instant access to advanced accounts receivable (AR) management capabilities from ezyCollect. The innovative software is expected to provide 360-degree visibility and control over cash flow management and debt collections for small and medium-sized companies running on SAP Business One.

ezyCollect provides the technological means for companies to significantly reduce late payments, improve cash flow, and most importantly, save time collecting overdue invoices so they can concentrate on growing a more resilient and agile business.

Co-founder Jimmy Cooper describes how customers find value in automating their accounts receivable management process with the ezyCollect AR software,

“Our customers tell us that before they used ezyCollect, they were flying blind. With ezyCollect, they have eagle eyes on their customer accounts. Because their cashflow gets better and better, now they also have wings to fly further.”

The Ultimate Collections AR Workflow

Soon, small and medium-sized businesses running on SAP Business One will be able to leverage the technology from ezyCollect to streamline and simplify their accounts receivable workflow system—from issuing credits to efficiently escalating debt collection.

The accounts receivable software’s payment risk analytics allows businesses to set and efficiently monitor their customers’ credit usage. This also gives them a way to assess if a customer has a low, medium, or high-risk credit level and allows them to take immediate and decisive action to head off bad debts before they occur.

ezyCollect features an intelligent technology that consistently generates communication interventions (by email, phone, SMS, or post) at critical points, simplifies the collection process, and frees up time for the accounts receivable team to take care of customer inquiries and concerns.

A few other noteworthy capabilities include:

  • real-time breakdown of ageing invoices to help track and report on changes quickly
  • closing cashflow gaps with a variety of payment options and working capital solutions that businesses can offer to customers
  • risk-reduction services with one-click access to demand letters, debt collection services, credit monitoring.

ezyCollect’s services are hosted by Amazon Web Services, which is protected by 24-hour surveillance. Data is encrypted and the application is constantly updated with the latest security patches.

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