Inflection point: Mueller to present at SAUG National Summit

Holger Mueller

“We are at an inflection point where technology can do more than business best practice demands,” says Holger Mueller, vice president and principal analyst, Constellation Research.

Mueller will be presenting an international keynote at the SAUG National Summit 2015, in which he will discuss the implications of this challenge.

“The result is that we are back at square one for enterprise automation, similar to the ‘50s and ‘60s when mainframes were new and no software existed,” he says. “But today’s situation is more challenging, as there are the current business applications, the next generation applications and the business best practice shift that is underway.”

Against this backdrop, Mueller plans to give Summit attendees an insight into SAP’s overall strategy, and specifically, its application strategy.

He is perhaps uniquely placed to do so – apart from his credentials as an analyst, advisor and commentator, Mueller formerly held the role of chief applications architect at SAP.

He believes ‘running simple’ is not just a catchy phrase, but vital for the current business environment.

“The business world and everything else is accelerating and moving faster than ever before. In order to become faster, enterprises need more agile software that can help them to pick up speed and adapt faster to changing market environments. Making software simpler and easier to consume is a key strategy to enable the 21st century enterprise,” Mueller says.

In his Summit presentation, Mueller will discuss IT consumption models, as well as how the most relevant technologies for enterprises – analytics, big data, cloud, mobile and social – are being utilised in SAP strategy, products and execution.

Attendees can expect to gain “an understanding of the relationship between business best practices, technology progress and enterprise applications”, how SAP’s strategy fits into this framework, and insight into how they can chart their enterprise strategy for the years to come – valuable information in such a dynamic environment.

The SAUG National Summit 2015 will be held 18-19 August at the Hilton Hotel, Sydney. Visit to find out more and to register.

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