Inpedio Drives Cybersecurity to Ameri100

Inpedio Cyber Security

According to Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report 2018, the number of new malicious software, also known as malware, variants for mobile increased 54 percent in 2017. Inpedio has Mercury, a comprehensive mobile security software solution for iOS and Android smartphones.

Inpedio, an Israeli cybersecurity company, is now a partner of Ameri100, a fast-growing technology services company that specializes in SAP and Google Cloud Solutions headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, to drive the cybersecurity needs of Ameri100’s SAP enterprise customers.

The exclusive cooperation agreement enables Ameri100 sales and enterprise delivery teams to offer Inpedio cybersecurity technologies to Ameri100’s customer base in the US.

“The need for SAP-focused cybersecurity tools and services has gained prominence following the recent identification of 10KBLAZE. Through our partnership with Inpedio, we establish a greenfield opportunity with a cutting-edge cybersecurity provider while also extending our solutions offering and deepening our relationships with our enterprise customers,” said Brent Kelton, CEO of Ameri100.

Uri Brison, CEO of Inpedio stated that their partnership with Ameri100 not only establishes enterprise sales in the US but also extends their company’s technology to the SAP landscape. He further explained:

  “Our expertise is on advanced technology for endpoint security, including zero-day and one-day threat vectors. These threat vectors are not protected by traditional, signature-based anti-virus technologies, and behavior-based cybersecurity tools lead to significant false positives and use of system resources. Our expertise includes protection from exploits and ransomware, such as WannaCry, 10KBLAZE, and the recent attacks on government systems. As an illustration of our technology, we were able to implement our “Kill Switch” technology to protect against the CVE 2018-8440 exploit before the release of a Microsoft Windows patch or anti-virus update. We look forward to bringing this same level of expertise and diligence to the SAP landscape through Ameri100.”

Now with Inpedio as a partner, Ameri100’s offering of bespoke engagement model known to deliver transformational value to its clients across industry verticals will now expand to IT solutions offerings to include remediation and cyber forensic services for customers who have already experienced damage from cybersecurity failures. The SAP-based strategy consulting firm’s digital innovation team is building IP to apply Inpedio’s technology to the SAP landscape, including an extension to Linux servers.

At the moment, large customers and a leading enterprise infrastructure managed service provider are the first ones to go through initial validation that includes implementing a secure testing environment and demonstration of protection from active threat vectors. Since Inpedio’s technology is GDPR compliant, it is ensured that no data leaves the customers’ systems.

Inpedio’s Security Tools

Led by a team of cyber veterans with in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in mobile and endpoint security and cyber-attack methods, Inpedio provides effective high-end cyber solutions to government and private sector customers worldwide.

The company provides effective high-end cyber solutions to government and private sector customers worldwide.

Zerox is an innovative solution for detection and real-time prevention of malicious agents on an enterprise’s Windows endpoints. Aside from capturing known and unknown threats, the solution also provides valuable information for forensic analysis and incident response.

Mercury addresses mobile threats by providing a multi-layer mobile threat defense, protecting the device, traffic, data and accounts on the device and the cloud. Designed by experts, this powerful solution provides the highest level of mobile security while allowing the best mobile user experience. It has multiple layers of smart security weaved into the OS and is developed with an “open garden” approach in mind, allowing BYOD together with the highest levels of security.

S-Phone is a secure communication app for organizations that understand the scope of nowadays threats, and want to make sure that their internal mobile communications are fully secured and to control their traffic. With S-Phone’s communication infrastructure, any call or text message within the organization is encrypted to the highest encryption standards.

About Ameri100

Ameri100 has offices in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Folsom, and Toronto and global delivery centers in India.

As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, the company seeks to support veterans, with the help of Workforce Opportunity Services, through their smooth transition from the military into the civilian workforce by recruiting former military servicemen and women at every level of our organization.

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